I joined Conservative Councillors in Stroud calling for the council to stop plans to abolish free parking. Myself, multiple councillors, businesses, Nailsworth Town Council, resident groups and individuals took to social media and local newspapers to show local opposition before finally seeing the Labour Council coalition climb down on 9th August 2018.

Conservatives collected more than 2,258 signatures against plans to impose parking charges in Nailsworth, Dursley, Wotton-under-Edge and at the Stratford park leisure centre.

We had queues of people waiting to sign the petitions when I was out with our councillors. It was obvious to me and all concerned that the council needed to listen to residents and abandon their plans without further delay.

Stroud District Councillor Nigel Cooper (pictured with me here on 4th August), Leader of the Conservative group said: “It’s great Labour has finally seen sense, although it seems to be politically motivated out of a fear of losing votes rather than a genuine concern for the businesses and residents of Nailsworth, Dursley and Wotton.

“I questioned the Labour leader about the matter during the council meeting but instead of admitting her party’s climb-down on this issue, she decided to announce their U-turn via a press release to the media which isn’t the way to conduct council business.”