Please sign the petition to show support for improved disabled access at Stroud train station.

Last weekend, Conservative Town Councillor, Steve Dechan, got me to walk the route that a person in a wheelchair would need to take if they wanted to access the town centre. It is a long route, fraught with poor surfaces, kerbs and traffic to contend with. The town council and Neighbourhood Development committee want to improve this situation by adding lifts to the bridge. This campaign makes sense to me and we have an opportunity to all work together to bid for funding.


Steve has explained that in July the Department for Transport announced £300m of funding to improve access at railway stations nationwide. Last week GWR and Network Rail asked for nominations for stations which needed improvement. During the last round of funding Stroud just missed out and we have put a great deal of work into the Stroud Station masterplan and don’t want to risk being overlooked again.

The Stroud Neighbourhood development committee which Steve chairs commissioned Pip Heywood and Steve Hurrell to make a film about Stroud Station which could support our Masterplan which is timely given the new funding. The film was always going to be ostensibly about access but when we asked Christian Drewitt (Disability Auditor) to undertake an audit of the facilities from the perspective of a wheelchair user, his experiences highlighted huge issues in the arrangements for disabled users. I attach his full report which also lists the issues with GWR and below is a link to his webpage which concentrates on infrastructure issues.

It is really important that everyone was aware of the funding and the need for swift action. GWR are closing their nominations on 1st October and they will then bid to the DfT who close their nominations on November 16th. We have plans for an adjacent bridge with lifts at either side next to the current foot bridge.

For people to support the council and neighbourhood team have started a petition here: CLICK HERE

They also need letters of support from all stakeholders including GCC, SDC individual councillors, politicians and any lobbying of DfT .