I welcome the new long term health plan, created by the NHS for the benefit of us all.

The Prime Minister announced a ten year plan that has been developed by the NHS alongside a historic funding increase of £20.5 billion by 2023-24. There will be a focus on prevention work, with £4.5bn being invested in primary and community care, supporting GPs, health visitors and community nurses. The plan will also bring the services into the digital age, speed up diagnosis and improve treatment of serious conditions like cancer.

We are all rightly proud of our nurses, doctors and all the incredible NHS staff in Stroud and wider Gloucestershire. There is a commitment to building up the NHS workforce and I will always champion the caring roles that are integral to the whole system (my mum is a nurse and would be on the phone if I didn’t!). A good start to 2019 for the NHS.

A few notes:

• The plan can be found here: NHS England, 7 January – https://www.england.nhs.uk/long-term-plan/

• There will be a new focus on prevention – from birth, through the challenges that life brings and into old age, the plan will ensure that the NHS is:

o Providing the best maternity care in the world – We will ensure every baby gets the best start in life by continuing to improve maternity safety and providing greater mental health support to new parents.

o Supporting ageing and increasing independence – We will support people to age well by bringing different health and care teams together to make sure older people are getting the support they need to remain independent, avoiding unnecessary hospital admissions.

o Improving outcomes for all major conditions – Through better prevention, detection, treatment and recovery from serious diseases, we will improve health outcomes so people live longer and healthier.

o Increasing the NHS workforce – We are improving access to mental health, primary care and community services, with tens of thousands more doctors, nurses and other health professionals.

o Bringing the NHS into the digital age – We are rolling out new digital technologies to deliver improved access to NHS services. This will mean everyone in the country will have digital access to their GP, including being able to make appointments, manage prescriptions and view their health records online.