I was at an All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) in Parliament tonight (12th March) regarding children’s mental health, broken families, knife crime & schools. ‬

‪I came out to listen to the Brexit vote result & saw the latest deal was voted down. 

My personal view is that not voting for a deal & Brexit uncertainty, delay & drowned airwaves does not bring any of the above serious APPG issues more attention. Nor does it help businesses or farmers or future planning. 

As it stands there are now only three options:

1. Leave without a deal – not certain but I think that will be voted down tomorrow. 

2. Second referendum – although Jeremy Corbyn didn’t even mention that earlier!?? 

3. Extension – period unknown & would require the EU’s agreement so they may attach conditions & EU elections etc. 

Labour may start going on about their deal (that was defeated & voted down when they tried that recently) or an election (that they also failed on) – but it’s just a distraction from a lack of plan – & due to the fact that their party being is as divided as mine (see second ref point 2 & remember recent MP departures). 

Given these options & as the main parties said they would honour the referendum result (ie not stop Brexit & rescind Art 50), I wouldn’t rule out the deal coming back again.

I’ve said repeatedly that I don’t think the Prime Minister’s deal is perfect. However, on balance & on analysis of the options & my desire to end uncertainty, it makes sense to me to conclude a deal. I note that senior Brexiteers such as David Davis MP & Nadine Dorries MP & Remainers voted for the deal tonight. 

People are constantly telling me that they are fed up with the arguing over Brexit & ever changing positions to suit agendas. They don’t want to hear the blame game & they are expecting MPs to find a way through ASAP. 
I agree.

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