A short note: the speeches of the 7 Labour MPs who decided to quit their party make it clear that it was a very difficult decision for them. They looked pained and pushed to the limit about really serious issues of anti-semitism and bullying. 

As I said on Twitter last night, I do not see how it helps anybody to attack the MPs who decided to leave. Further, rejoicing in the resignations is short sighted. All political parties are in flux at the moment. Whomever you support could see changes in the coming months and years. 

David Drew MP told me that the resignations was ‘non news’ when I asked for his statement on the matter (he puts out statements all the time on everything and most Labour MPs had commented by that stage). 

I am disappointed by his response. I do not accept that a Member of Parliament saying a main stream political party is institutionally anti-semitic is ‘non-news’ amongst many other issues about how the party is being led. I see that other people were asking for details of David’s position too so there may be one now. I look forward to reading it if there is.

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