On 27th March 2019 the House of Commons held indicative votes on Brexit. As I mentioned on social media ahead of the votes, Parliament taking ‘control’ of the Brexit process after weeks of evidence that Parliament is incapable of agreeing anything (while simultaneously saying they want to avoid certainty) did not fill anybody with hope.

To that stage, the House of Commons had rejected:

  • leaving with the PM’s withdrawal agreement
  • leaving on the basis suggested by Corbyn
  • leaving with no deal
  • not leaving the EU

With the above in mind, it was not surprising that many people are asking MPs to start saying what they DO want. The indicative vote process was an attempt to do this (although I believed it was fraught with difficulties).
MPs were asked to tick which options they prefer (without restriction) to create an assessment of whether there is a majority for any of the options. Some parties whipped their votes and it was stated that subsequent reruns of the indicative vote process could take place.

The results were… the House of Commons voted agains ALL forms of Brexit, against all approaches to Brexit and agains no Brexit.

No deal lost 160-400
Common Market 2.0 lost 188-283
Efta/EEA lost 65-377
Customs union lost 264-272
Labour alt plan lost 237-307
Revoke A50 lost 184-293
2nd referendum lost 268-295
Managed no deal lost 139-422

I am still receiving emails about Brexit and having conversations with people in the Stroud constituency that covers everything from a desire to leave the EU immediately to not leaving at all. As always, I respect all views and while I do not have a vote, I will continue to do my best to work through the issues and options as they arise.