I was pleased to see the announcement from Gloucestershire County Council about the Government’s ongoing work to tackle potholes. The Council stated it is “great news for Gloucestershire” with more information here: 

Gloucestershire’s County Councillor in charge of highways, Vernon Smith, has strongly welcomed a government proposal, announced for consultation today, to help councils tackle the menace of potholes. Under the plan, utility companies who dig up roads would be required to guarantee the quality of their replacement for five years, rather than two as they do today. Councils are obliged to let utility companies carry out works, even if roads have been recently resurfaced. Failed trenches and other repairs outside the current two-year guarantee period are thought to be a major cause of potholes. 

Last year Gloucestershire began a £150m scheme to resurface roads across the county in a bid to get rid of potholes. In its first year 108km of county roads were resurfaced as a result. Since April 2018, Gloucestershire County Council has repaired almost 50,000 potholes –with 99% repaired within expected timescales. Potholes can be reported at www.gloucestershire.gov.uk/highways

Vernon Smith, Cabinet Member for Highways, commented:
“This is a great idea from the government – and it will make a real difference. Gloucestershire County Council is investing £150m in resurfacing roads across our county – and we would expect that work to last at least five years if not longer. It is a nonsense that private utility companies can then stick trenches across those roads and only have to make the repair last two years. It means that taxpayers are picking up the bill for their works – and that can’t be right. I will be writing to Chris Grayling, the Secretary of State for Transport, to strongly support this plan.” 

Information from the Department of Transport https://www.gov.uk/…/…/long-lasting-repairs-to-stop-potholes

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