As I have mentioned on other social media, I found TM’s resignation speech tougher to watch than I expected. I have also had lots of people contact me to say it made them cry!

Regardless of views on Brexit or what we think has gone right & wrong in the last few years, TM is somebody whose sense of duty to the country comes first. Her commitment is repeatedly raised on the doorsteps from all sides politically. As is her resilience in unprecedented difficult circumstances.

I have had many conversations locally about my concerns regarding the Brexit negotiations and issues with TM’s premiership. There will be many more opportunities to discuss, challenge and debate the past and importantly, what should happen next but for now, I do hope that TM will receive respect.

Naturally, we all start to look at TM’s legacy at this stage. It is clear to me that Brexit has the ability to consume a Prime Minister and government. Yet her work pushing through the Modern Slavery bill, improving domestic violence support, raising awareness and funding on mental health and a jobs boom with a growing economy in the midst of political chaos, are a few of the successes. With time, I think the country will see these points and others more clearly.

TM has been very supportive to me personally. She is one of the founders of Women2Win who help to get more women into politics. I saw her this week. She was warm, determined and gracious – even in what has been a devastating period of her career.

In many ways, every woman who gets elected with Women2Win’s help will be part of TM’s political legacy. I still feel privileged every day to have an opportunity to serve the wonderful people of Stroud, the Valleys and Vale and I will continue speaking to women through Women2Win and 5050 parliament to encourage more women to get involved. All of this is part of what TM has set up.

Ill update about the party leadership contest when we have more information. I think everybody including Larry the No 10 cat is planning to run so it should be interesting (Larry obviously has a head start. The internet loves cats more than it loves politicians).

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