I was extremely proud to wear a necklace made by a talented Stroud School of Art student at a recent political do. She hand beaded the piece and I have never had so many positive comments about anything i’ve worn before. People stopped me to take pictures!

This is all part of my campaign to get more funding for Further Education in the forthcoming government spending review.

Locally we all know that Stroud SGS is packed with incredible talent. Their wide range of skills training and courses feed directly into making our communities thrive and give people the opportunity to retrain at any stage of life. Teachers from SGS do an awful lot with other groups and charities too as I keep coming across their work during visits around Stroud, the Valleys and Vale. It is therefore a pleasure to join the fight to help get colleges more support.

As somebody who did not go to university, I am always keen to make sure that people know that a degree can be great, but it is not the only route available to get on in life. The government has done more than any other to highlight education options such as technical education and apprenticeships, however, funding must now follow to match the commitment #LoveOurColleges

I am looking forward to the upcoming summer SGS exhibitions.

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