Further Education: Funding Boost!

I am so pleased to see the Chancellor’s announcement to give 16-19 FE the biggest funding increase since 2010 – £400m of new money.

The Chancellor headed to the SGS college where he studied to make the announcement and is seen here snapped with the brilliant SGS Group CEO and Principal (I borrowed the picture from twitter).

You all know that I have been campaigning to improve funding and recognition for FE colleges. The thousands of young people and adults who learn skills in our colleges need this boost.

The Chancellor backed my campaign #FurtherEducationFriday when he was the Home Secretary so I know how much he cares about this sector.

For me, this is just the start though as our colleges have needed more funding for years. They have been routinely treated differently to schools and universities by various administrations. I am extremely proud of SGS Stroud, the teachers and all the students for keeping up the fight.

I will write more about education funding increases shortly.

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