It will not surprise people who know me and follow my work that I have the highest respect for our judiciary and the independence of our courts. The Supreme Court decision about the prorogation of Parliament has to be respected even if you do not agree with it. In any event, the government lost 11-0 and I understand there will be no attempt to formally challenge the judgment.

The Prime Minister’s attitude is to accept the result and move on. The UK will not be deterred from getting on and delivering leaving the European Union. He will concentrate on bringing the uncertainty of Brexit to an end and focusing on the domestic agenda. We will hear more in the next few days.

MPs will return to Parliament today. I have seen no evidence in the last three years that MPs are capable of making decisions on Brexit and I sadly expect more games that will not endear any political party to the public. In my view, all shenanigans in parliament is making getting a deal with the EU even harder.

I think the Prime Minister will again offer to hold a General Election (the usual step when Parliament is failing).

Opposition parties are complaining about the government being unfit, but it is my understanding is that they have no intention of holding a vote of no confidence (so they have confidence in the gov still running the country) and are unlikely to vote for a General Election (don’t want to hear from the electorate).

I’m not convinced Labour will want a GE after failing to take a stance on the biggest issue of the day and all the infighting at their party conference.

If you want to know how Labour respects democracy – look at the coverage of a Labour Chair of a debate calling a decision one way and is then ‘told’ repeatedly by Labour high command that she is wrong until the Chair changes her mind in Corbyn’s favour. She goes on to refuse a mechanism that would verify the matter and stop arguments. I doubt David Drew will mention this next time he is holding an ‘I love democracy’ board.

The Lib Dems now want to revoke Brexit without any reference to people who still want to leave the EU. They basically say this will stop all the issues and we can all go back to normal. I say they need to do some canvassing, listen to the anger about political shenanigans, look at the rise of the Brexit party and start living in the real world.

Our party conference is this weekend. I anticipate that parliament will not vote for Conservative MPs to be allowed out of parliament to attend. It will go ahead regardless. Political activists work really hard all year round on top of day jobs and family commitments. Just like Labour and Lib Dem activists, conference is for them as much as it is for speeches and policy announcements.

Finally, there is a good case for holding a Queen’s Speech. The usual route to this is to, wait for it – prorogue parliament.

I am going to carry on concentrating on local matters and knocking on doors. I am increasingly called on to work on projects and there is much I can do to help. I am proud to have the opportunity to serve the people of Stroud the Valleys and Vale.

Speak soon


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