The Prime Minister has proposed a new Brexit deal that is backed by the DUP and MPs from Jacob Rees Mogg and Priti Patel to Conservative MPs that lost the whip recently and some Labour MPs have said they will support it too.

I believe the ‘Benn Act’ has made getting a deal a lot harder. The Act purportedly tried to stop no deal but it did not do that. It really just delayed matters with no plan and gives the EU the decision making powers on how long another extension should be – i.e. where there will be a new no deal date.

I worry that the EU will not bother to engage with the proposal if they think the Benn Act will bring in another extension but the new Brexit proposal is a twist in events. It puts the onus firmly on the EU and they can see MPs rallying.

If an agreement can be reached with the EU, we shall also see how committed Labour really are to doing ‘anything possible’ to preventing no deal as voting for a deal is the surest way of stopping no deal. Unfortunately I expect more games from them.

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Locally – David Drew MP was on the telly recently saying ‘I believe we have to have a deal of some sort’. As typically imprecise as that is, the Prime Minister has certainly proposed a ‘deal of some sort’ so we can all expect David to vote this through in due course. 🙂

For me, I continue to believe that securing an agreement is preferable so I am pleased with the developments. In the event that cannot be achieved, we should end the uncertainty and national frustration that all this is creating and still leave the EU asap.

The government will provide detailed papers including legal texts to the European Commission today. It is a reasonable compromise, which takes into account the red lines on all sides and balances five factors:

1. The referendum must be respected. The 2016 ballot paper did not say ‘leave only if a deal can be agreed’. This deal ensures that the whole UK leaves the EU.

2. The integrity of the EU’s Single Market must be respected.

3. The integrity of the United Kingdom must be respected.

4. The peace process and land border in Ireland require the UK and EU to compromise.

5. Any special arrangements in Northern Ireland require democratic consent – it is impossible in a democracy to make permanent international deals that provide no democratic path for people to change how they are governed.

I recognise that for some Brexiteers on here who often criticise my approach to Brexit, the above will not be acceptable. I understand and respect that some people are not prepared to compromise. However, with the make up of Parliament as it is, the Speaker being prepared to intervene to stop no deal and MPs refusing to vote for a General Election. There is a real risk that only being prepared to accept a no deal Brexit could prevent leaving the EU at all.

I believe this will have been on the minds of many Brexiteers. I note that Jacob tweeted: ‘Boris’s brilliant backstop buster. #GetBrexitDone

The onus is now on the EU.

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